June 24, 2014

Most high streets in Europe are now covered in plastic signs, which are not controlled by local councils, so it is always such a relief to see real quality, whether they’re lovely old signs with beautiful type, frescoes and sculptures. Most people appreciate great design, so it is such a shame most councils in the west think of the present and not the future. Thankfully, Italy is an exception and a wonderful example to us all.

A beautiful Mary and baby Jesus in one of the grand villa entrances in Capella. Italy is one of the few countries in the world that still is full of sculptures and art. Even the benches in Lucca are made of marble.

A beautiful entrance over the hill from Casa a Corte.

Hazel, photographing one of the many beautiful churches in Lucca. The quality of craftsmanship is truly amazing, especially on one of the smaller churches.

Small chapel in Pietrasanta


Italy is fortunately still covered in the most amazing frescoes.

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