February 18, 2014

I never thought the expression ‘chips with everything’ would apply to Italy but it now does and in a big way.

Last week we ate at Antica Locanda di Sesto, a brilliant restaurant, which serves the best steaks (& grilled meats) and was pleasantly pleased that no one had chips, although I know that they serve the tastiest ones we’ve ever eaten.

Steaks grilling on the olive wood-fired grill at Antica Locanda

The following night, we decided to have a pizza at Da Pinzo and were seated next to a large table full of children celebrating a 14th birthday party. Soon hell was let loose with kids shouting from one end of the table to the other. Most shocking than the noise, was the food they ordered to feed the little monkeys.

Pizza with chips & frankfurters.

I never thought I would ever see chips on a pizza, especially in traditional Italy, but 3 days later we saw an 18 year old devouring the same pizza, so times are changing, but not necessarily for the better.

Wood fired pizza ovens create the perfect crust and my recommendation is the Bianca, which you can have with or without a tomato base, prosciutto (parma ham) with dollops of mascapone – pure indulgence

Pizza perfection from Da Pinza, Ponte a Moriano

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