ITALIANS (& Autofficina il Ponte di Mugnani & Evangelisti garage)
April 4, 2024

I always find it very refreshing to see how the Italians have respect for both the old (& young in Italy). Young people are very respectful of their elders.

Most families live very closely within their family home. Our pool boy & gardener, aged 44 still lives at home with his parents with his mother providing all the cooking; as his father has become ill, he has also become his carer despite having a full time job, plus ours. Even in our valley, I can hear the wives calling their husband’s and family for lunch served at 12.30.

My Jeep car rental hire had problems with the tyre pressures and eventually I noticed we had a puncture when I was in Ponte a Moriano. It was late afternoon and I had an early flight in the morning so I had to have it mended. I panicked & thought who would mend my tyre so late in the afternoon. I went to the local Ferramenta (DIY shop) and spoke to the owner Maurizio. He sent me up the road to a local garage, who despite being busy said they would mend it. Initially they were horrified as the rental car had old worn tyres that were illegal. They were a charming team of mechanics, working under a lady & man boss.

However, when, I went to pay, I noticed their office was covered in topless photo’s of women – you don’t have things like that in England but in Italy it’s still the norm. It was a surprise, especially when one of the owner’s was a lady, but she seemed oblivious to it!! She was more concerned about Catherine, Princess of Wales sad cancer diagnosis that what surrounded her on the walls. The Italians love the British royal family, they love the pageantry and sense of occasion.

Our Gelateria, Sauro’s is full of a mix of ages, teenagers, young kids with parents, old & middle aged; it’s refreshing to see.

Incidentally, if you ever need a car/ tyre repair, I can’t recommend this local garage more highly. They are charming, polite and only 50m along the river from Lucca Vini on the old bridge. Autofficina il Ponte di Mugnani & Evangelisti. +39 0583 406131. Closes at 19.00

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