December 7, 2023

Every summerI love eating all the local summer sweet fruits; we have planted many more olive trees which have really grown despite the dry summers.

We have also planted apricots, peaches and plums which are absolutely sweet and delicious. Figs in Italy have suffered recently with a bug brought in on other plant imports. As a result these have been cut down and removed. The green figs were absolutely delicious, so much so a family of badgers found them so irresistible that when we ate dinner on the kitchen terrace, the badgers including their cubs would climb up the bank and devour all the figs that had fallen on the south terrace and surrounding area. The figs were so syrupy and sweet, the fact we were eating and chatting wasn’t a big enough deterrent for the badgers. They had no fear, the figs were too good. In June the edible cherries are very abundant.

In the autumn the blackberries, blueberries and apples are plentiful and during the Christmas holidays we have an abundance of Persimons.

Among many wild flowers you will see many autumn crocuses, the stamens of each are saffron which is such a fantastic flavout. Each crocus only has 3 stamens which is the reason they are so expensive.


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