September 12, 2019

The best pizzas are cooked over olive or chestnut wood. This burns hotter than most woods therefore the pizza cooks quicker and picks up delicious smokey edges.

One of my favourites is Pizza Bianca. The base has a small coating of mozzarella & tomato sauce, a generous layer of proscuitto (Parma ham) with dollops of marscapone cream which makes it wonderfully indulgent.

The Pizza Bianca can come in two ways, without having the base layer of tomato sauce and having the Parma ham cooked or uncooked – cotto / crudo. Both are fantastic.

Pizza funghi with added marscapone because we love it!!

Da Pinzo is open every day apart from Wednesday and has a full menu as well as pizzas. Her house red grapes are grown near us at Mastiano as it very good.



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