February 1, 2019

Today, so many areas in the world are ruined by overdevelopment but Italy boasts many beautiful unspoilt areas where time literally stands still. Nowhere is this more true than in our valley!

Our local farmer, Gianfranco, still hand-milks his cows, grows all his vegetables and fruit (no supermarket shopping for this family!). The family chapel (adorned with amazing frescoes) is his workshop where he ‘makes-do and mends’ farm machinery.

Gianfranco’s sister, Mariarosa, takes great pride in her role of housekeeping and cooking for her husband Alessio and her brother Gianfranco, With her little dog Peggy for company, she spends many happy hours in her outdoor kitchen preparing family meals (no need for high-tech kitchen gizmos in this traditional Tuscan household!) Year in, year out, this family and local friends, tend the valley ensuring it is productive in organic olive oil and wine. Tradition here has stood the test of time.

Gianfranco, Alessio and Mariarosa.

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