Ponte della Maddalena – the Devil’s bridge
February 8, 2019

Twelve to fifteen minutes from our house on the east side of the Serchio river is a beautiful bridge over a tranquil stretch of river well known by fly fishermen.

The Devil’s bridge was constructed between 1046-1115 and was supposedly built with the aid of the devil himself and was used by pilgrims crossing from France to Rome in C1400.

An hours drive from our house is the wonderful ski resort of Abetone, voted one of the top 10 national ski resorts in the world. We very rarely have snow but when the warm weather returns the snow melts which caused huge floods 5 years ago. This year there has been lots of snow on the Alps and Dolimities which also spread south into Tuscany and even Rome. Probably because of the sunny climate and 18C temperatures we had terrible floods again on January 31st.

On the other side of the Serchio there were terrible landslips but the old bridge once again survived the elements.
I am glad to report the following day it was full sun 18C and has been another wonderful bright dry winter’s day.

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