August 9, 2018


Looking from the kitchen terrace, looking over the pool you will see a bombed out church on the top of the hill.

During World War 11, the German army had a huge canon hidden in the church to stop the US advance along the river, using the lofted position to view any movement over the valley. On the far side the trenches are still visible amongst the broom bushes and gorse. From the church there are amazing views over looking the Lucca plateau and the mountains towards the ski resort at Abetone.

It is a really good 60+ – 90 mins walk to the top, walking up the track through the hamlet of Gugliano, and the woods, then along the flat ridge south of A Corte and then at the junction turning left up the hill rather than down the hill to Aquilea (where they have a very nice bar and cafe).

Casa a Corte visible in the valley

During the G7 2017 summit, held in Lucca, the US German foreign ministers visited the sight and paid their respects to the extreme bravery of the German soldiers who lost their lives.

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