Rolling Stones in Lucca
October 12, 2017

As part of the wonderful Lucca music festival, the Rolling Stones rocked the ancient walls of Lucca, their only gig in Italy and part of their ‘No filter’ European tour


Generic Modafinil

The Stones jetted into Pisa airport

Lucca’s advertising poster of Jagger eating a Lucchese Rovelline, a tradition veal escalope and vegetable dish. See chef Aurelio Barattini’s Nonna’s recipe

Aerial shot of the Stones playing live in Lucca

Sympathy of the devil

The concert was brilliant as we all expected but what really impressed me was the friendly crowd. Italians are a wonderfully gentle nation. Glass bottles could be sold without fear they would be thrown and police weren’t necessary to control 60,000 people. Modafinil¬†

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