October 12, 2017

During the summer it is hard to imagine the grass transforming from brown back to green but nature is quite incredible and miracles do occur.

Misty October mornings, the thermometer is still 26C and the days are wonderfully sunny.

The restaurants are cooking delicious porcini mushrooms and men from the Garfagnana mountains are selling all types on the side of the roads

The monastery on east side of the river looks down over Ponte a Moriano. During Easter they have wonderful music concerts with church choirs.
Just below the south terrace we see a roe deer hind with her fawns on most days as soon as the sun drops down behind the hill. The shooting season for birds has sadly started. They mainly shoot pheasant & woodcock but blackbirds are also added to the pot. During November, December and January the Cinghiale hunting season (wild boar) starts. The hills are full of boar but I hope our roe deer aren’t shot.

In Cappella, the orchard area outside of Lucca, local fruit are still being sold. The figs and peaches have finished but there are lots of pears and apples. The Vendemmia is now finished. This year there was a shortage of grapes because of the record temperatures but the quality is good.

Farmer GianFranco and his brother finish picking the grapes before the first rain storm for 6 months

Local produces

Paolo washing 100 year old bottles outside in the local square in Piazza San Salvatore 7, 55100 Lucca. His enoteca is one of the best 2 wine shops in Italy

Shopkeeper in Via Fillungo, Lucca

Last of the figs and peaches

You have to try the Crostata di mele (apple pie)

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