Our helpers
April 25, 2017

Angela: She is a lovely youngish lady who prepares & cleans a Corte. She cleans on Saturday and is available if you require mid week cleaning.

Pier Luigi: He cleans our pool & cuts all the grass. He’s a lovely man & we have known him for nearly 20 years. His Friday & Saturday evenings are spent at a night club in Montecatini until 4am dressed in a white suit in the summer and all black in the winter #SaturdayNightFever He cuts the grass & cleans the pool on Saturday, sometimes on Wednesday during very hot or thundery weather.

Rafa is our odd job man but a superb craftsman, a true artisan. He & Antonio check the pool clarity on Friday.

Lovely Marcello lives in Gugliano and waters our flowers and plants on Wednesday during hot weather & maintains the land throughout the year.

GianFranco is our farmer & lives in the village with his brother & his wife. Our valley has been farmed using traditional methods for years and still milks his cows by hand. He wears a different hat per job, but usually seen on his tractor in a vest & black beret during the hot summer months

(GFranco’s spraying hat is made from 2 brown paper bags)

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