December 28, 2016

As you sip a glass of wine by the pool, terraces or house, you can see a bombed out church on the hill top as you look East.

The church was used in the war by the Germans, who used it for a huge canon emplacement to prevent the American advance along the river.

If you fancy a 1.5/ 2 hour walk to the church, then walk through the hamlet of Gugliano, following the tarmac road through the woods. At the yellow house turn left along the ridge towards Aquilea (not right to Ponte a Moriano / Lucca). As you walk past the yellow house on the ridge, you will see Casa a Corte in the valley on your left. Continue on the tarmac road, which begins to rise & curl to the junction. Turn left up the hill (not right downhill to Aquilea). Continue climbing, the road will become smaller, then become a stone track.

The view to the South West towards Lucca

As you climb and the road winds up the hill, you will look down on the road you have walked on and the local crematorium on the next door ridge

Ar you look towards the church you will see Casa a Corte in the valley below – red dot!.

You can spot Casa a Corte on the left. If you continue past the church on a goat track, you will see the German trenches.

Appreciate the views, it’s now down hill all the way

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