December 28, 2016

Aurelio Barattini from Antica Locanda di Sesto & his Cinta Senese sausages and Tuscan beans

Baccala, a Tuscan favourite. During the war there was no meat, so salt cod was eaten throughout the year as it was dried and could be eaten at any time.

Roasted baccala

Bistecca, best beef in the world

Tagliata – tagliata basically means slice, tagliatelle is sliced pasta & tagliata is sliced beef.

My favourite pasta from the summer months of 2016 – ravioli stuffed with ricotta & aubergine, with sun-sweetened cherry tomatoes

Straccetti pasta with cinghiale ragu

Maolina, grapes from the long hot summer of 2016

Madonna, one of millions dotted around the Tuscan countryside

The lightest and fluffiest Sformato & Anchovies

Aurelio & the Cinghiale he shot on his farm

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