BEST PIZZA & BREAD (for those in the know)
October 11, 2016

A little local secret is the artisan bakery 30m from the trattoria Antica Locanda. If you travel through the arch and up the slope to the courtyard on the right, you will find a wonderful artisan bakery run by 2 cousins Emanuele & Giovanni.

They make 2 different breads every evening apart from Sunday, one uses traditional organic flour, the other uses potato flour. Potato flour stays fresher longer.
Every Friday they also make delicious margherita pizzas with capers to order, which you have to order directly on 0583 406 225 and collect at 17.30/ 18.00.

Loading up more potato flour bread in the wood-fired oven, which was made between the two wars

Emanuele and his cousin Giovanni

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